Deutscher Anwalt­verein – German Bar Association

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Scope of the Association: Safeguarding, protection and promotion of all professional and economic interests of the Bar, notary lawyers included, especially by promoting administration of justice and legislation, education and further training, encouragement of professional solidarity and scientific spirit among lawyers. It aims at uniting all lawyers in Germany. The association observes political and confessional neutrality.

Members: 64.500 lawyers in 260 associations of lawyers worldwide.

President: Rechtsanwalt und Notar Ulrich Schellenberg
Vice-presidents: RAin Pia Eckertz-Tybussek, Köln, RA Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ewer, Kiel, RAinNin Edith Kindermann, Bremen, RA Dr. Friedwald Lübbert, Bonn,  RAin Dr. iur. Claudia Seibel, Frankfurt a.M., RAuN Herbert Schons, Duisburg.

Executive Director: Rechtsanwalt Philipp Wendt, MBA.

Press and Public Relations Service: Rechtsanwalt Swen Walentowski, phone 00 49/30/72 61 52-129

Services provided: Information about any issue regarding the profession. Promotion of communication among colleagues. Opinions by the Committees on Legislation regarding national draft laws and draft directives of the European Community, hence influence on parliamentary intentions in Germany and Europe. Working groups organising conventions and seminars on different branches of law. Publishing of publicity leaflets and booklets for collective publicity/office publicity. The DAV organizes for the Deutsche Anwaltakademie association twice a year a „Convention für Junior Lawyers – Success in the Legal Profession„ which assists lawyers when starting in the legal profession.

Professional magazine: "Anwaltsblatt", circulation figure: 66.700
Editors: Rechtsanwalt Dr. Nicolas Lührig, Rechtsanwalt Udo Henke, phone 00 49/30/72 61 52-152, -126

Publication: “Ratgeber des Deutschen Anwaltvereins“, practical hints for junior lawyers, 11th edition 2006.

International Department: Leonie Lockau, phone 00 49/30/72 61 52-127

EU-Department: Rechtsanwaeltin Eva Schriever, LL.M, phone +0032 2 2802812